When on a budget, sometimes grilling a steak can get a little expensive. But if you find a good meat sale (which if you keep an eye out, you can find fairly common), it is important to maximize these fantastic tasting cuts of beef. Steaks are relatively easy to prepare and if you pair them with a tasty side dish, then you have a healthy meal that hopefully won’t break the bank. Practice and you will be badass soon enough.


The manner in which you prepare your steaks for the grill will make a difference in their quality when they come off the grill. First off, make sure your steaks are defrosted when you put them on the grill. If you can, purchase them the day you are going to grill the steak. If that isn’t possible, then make sure it is completely thawed. To avoid food born illness it is not recommended to defrost your steaks at room temperature or in warm water. A couple alternatives are refrigerator defrosting and cold water defrosting. After that, I would suggest you apply some sort of marinade or rub. Always make sure you get them on in time for them to penetrate the meat (at least 30 minutes).

The Fire:

Always make sure your grill is preheated. For gas grills preheat on high for 20 minutes. charcoal grills will need to have enough coals to cover an area a few inches larger on all sides than the steaks going on the grill. I would recommend using an electric starter or a chimney starter to light the charcoals. If you use lighter fluid there is a good chance you will taste the lighter fluid on your steak. Once the coals are covered in a gray ash they are ready.

On the Grill:

Follow the grilling guide for times to keep the steak on the grill. A couple things to remember is that you really only want to flip the steak once and times will very a little bit depending on the thickness of the steak. The following guide is for steaks about an inch thick. For smaller or thicker steaks, you can add or subtract a minute or two per side.


Side 1

Side 2

Internal Temp


2 min

2 min


Medium Rare

5 min

4 min



6 min

4 min


Meduium Well

7 min

5 min



8 min

6 min


Have fun and enjoy your steak!